ProActive Holding (PAIG)  is a multidisciplinary group of companies, creating value through vision, innovation, expertise and communication. With more than 17 Years of experience, The Company holds selective positions in specific business chains…


ProActive's strategy aims to gain solid profit growth, reduce earnings volatility
ProActive Holding is formed of five business groups, each comprising several Busines
We believe in networking, and in Win-Win Partnerships. Our aim is to grow together


  • Communications
  • Architecture & Contracting
  • Media & Publishing
  • Education
  • E-business & Branding
  • Start ups
  • Ventures Republic

    Ventures Republic is an entity that helps Entrepreneurs Explore, Develop & Grow. Being Entrepreneurs ourselves, we found that what was needed is a combination of incubators, Accelerators & network developers, for that, Ventures Republic was born.

    We are not investors, nor Incubators. Think of us as partners, coaches, boosters or the black box where you put your ideas, mix them with our expertise & network, to pull out the secret sauce for success.

    It’s not magic solution, it consistency in the work we do, matched up to the network we have built over the years.

    "creativity, inspiration, innovation".

  • Proactive CA

    ProActive is a full-service marketing communications firm with its Headquarter in Beirut, Lebanon. Since 1997, we have been developing high-impact communication tools, from Branding to online solutions; like websites & Mobile applications, to help our clients gain visibility, credibility and enforce networking with their clients in return.


  • International Educational Consultants

    IEC is dedicated to giving Educational Institutions the tools, skills & platforms they need for success.
    From Planinng to Space Programming, Curriculum planning, evaluation, to implementation into the active world we help Educational Institutions broaden their possibilities.

  • MOUNA Foods

    MOUNA comes from Lebanon's heart, land of fertility, from its valleys and mountains for the whole world to indulge their cravings and enjoy its distinct flavor, with its enriched and various healthy food list.
    From the hands of the Lebanese farmers, we get delivered fresh and naturally grown agricultural products, that we prepare with love to deliver you MOUNA products.

    MOUNA is more than just lebanese food items. It's about assisting people in adopting a healthy lifestyle by offering natural and sustainable Middle Eastern food ingredients that are of high quality and have distinct features from their origins.

  • NAP Engineering & Contracting

    Since 1977 NAP Engineering has been providing value-based engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions to different sectors.

    Headquartered in Beirut Lebanon, our operation covers the Middle East & Africa regions.


  • Lebanon Markets

    Over the years, Lebanon Markets has turned out to be a leader in planning, developing & executing printed & online Guides – Synonymous of trendy shopping guides, Lebanon Markets has flourished and expanded to cover the official Lebanese Industry Guides and become a leader in the promotion of the most most active areas of the capital and the most vibrant sectors of the economy.